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OAI Extended Addon (Dspace 1.5.2)

The OAI Extended Addon is an addon (or a patch to be more precise) to the DSpace platform that extends the base functionality of the OAI-PMH interface already built into DSpace and delivers repository administrators more power and functionalities to select and filter the information they wish to expose to the outside world.

Initially the purpose of the OAI Extended Addon was to modify the OAI Interface's output, showing only items that were compliant with the DRIVER directives. Because, one of the primary characteristics of this addon is it's flexibility, the initial purpose, although being an important objective, degenerates in the OAI Extended Interface. The addon may be completely adjusted to other environments as its components can easily be configured, changed or extended, to respond to different information needs.

 It contains the patch and the necessary documentation.

[Updated to version 1.3]

 O OAI Extended  Addon é um patch do DSpace para configurar os conteúdos apresentados pelo OAI-PMH do repositório. As novidades que este patch acrescenta são a possibilidade de filtrar conteúdo e de modificar conteúdo existente.

O presente documento contém o patch e a documentação necessária.



Actualizado em: 16 Feb 2011

Colocado por: José Carvalho (josekarvalho)

Colocado em: 16 Mar 2010

Versão: 1.3

Tamanho: 396.86 Kb

Tipo: zip

Downloads: 405