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Repository Managers - how to Manage a repository | RCAAP - Repositórios Científicos de Acesso Aberto de Portugal

Repository Manager

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The repository managers play a key role in the success of the institutional repository. Thus, it is necessary to develop an environment that allows them to develop the skills essential to their activity.

On the one hand, it is necessary to familiarize them with the themes and assumptions of the project, the information found on this website, by reading the FAQ, links and supporting documents. On the other hand, there is a component of training for managers, not only at the level of general skills and techniques, but also the entire administrative process, particularly in the management of communities, collections, copyright, etc ...

Beyond these skills , managers must also know the various guidelines for interoperability with other initiatives:

DRIVER Guidelines

Provide adequate guidance to managers of new repositories in defining local policies for data management and managers of existing repositories, a set of measures to suit your repository to the guidelines in a more global scope;

More information: http://www.driver-support.eu/managers.html

Guidelines OpenAIRE

Provide guidance to repository managers to define and implement their local political management data in accordance with the European Commission Open Access requirements.

More information: http://www.openaire.eu

Finally, the repository managers may at any time following a process of self-training divided into seven modules and defined based on core competencies that managers must have to start their new business. For more information, see "Supporting Resources".

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