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Repository Validator

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The Repository Validator is a tool developed within the project RCAAP in order to assess the degree of conformity of a repository with the guidelines developed under the project.


Even with the application of uniform standards such as Dublin Core and OAI-PMH, local interpretations often compromise the quality of metadata and technical interoperability. Preliminary tests indicate that although very few repositories that can not be collected (harvested), only a few can provide 100% valid XML - as a result, little information will be made available for research.

The RCAAP project decided to use the DRIVER Guidelines as the standard of interoperability between portuguese repositories. The use of DRIVER Guidelines in this regard, in addition to ensuring the necessary harmonization between repositories participating in the project RCAAP, also facilitates the integration, interoperability and compatibility of the Portuguese archives, and the portal RCAAP, with what seems to be the "European standard " and with the European infrastructure of repositories.

Conditions / requirements for validation of repositories:

Supported interfaces are not available through OAI protocols configured with HTTPS self-signed certificates or out-dated.
Support for Eprints repositories based on the platform is still limited.
Does not support platform-based repositories DigitTool.

Validation Report

Each validation report created by the validation tool lists two types of information, errors and warnings. The errors are all the aspects do not conform to guidelines implemented, while warnings are not mandatory and desirable corrections.

It is an error:

Unknown language
Item undated
Full text missing
No link to the register (URI)
Document type not conform

It is considered a warning:

Items without title or description
No indication of the type of access