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Guidelines - how to Manage a repository | RCAAP - Repositórios Científicos de Acesso Aberto de Portugal


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There are several guidelines that are considered in the context of services RCAAP and are advised for anyone who develops or intends to create their own repository.

Using these guidelines ensures the interoperability between systems and services.



While the DRIVER guidelines allow interoperability between repositories, the OpenAIRE guidelines aim to give visibilty to publications in institutional repositories or central repository that are FP7/ERC funded. However, it is necessary to implement the requirements so you can add all publications centrally.



The creation of a search portal (meta-repository) gathering metadata from various repositories of Portuguese literature and establishing itself as a single point of access to research and content of these repositories requires the existence and implementation of common minimum standards for all participants.

These common standards are essential to develop quality services and ensure interoperability. They refer particularly to three aspects:

-The type of content that are available in the repositories to be aggregated;

-The metadata describing their contents;

-The implementation of the OAI-PMH to provide the metadata.

In 2007, the project Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER) published the Guidelines for content providers: Exposing textual resources with OAI-PMH, which contain recommendations regarding these three aspects. These Guidelines were adopted and are attracting increasing interest, not only among members of the DRIVER project consortium, but also from many other European and extra-European institutions.

Within the project RCAAP it was decided to use the DRIVER Guidelines as the standard of interoperability between portuguese repositories. The use of DRIVER Guidelines in this regard, in addition to ensuring the necessary harmonization between repositories participating in the project RCAAP, also facilitates the integration, interoperability and compatibility of the portuguese repositories and the portal RCAAP, with the European infrastructure of repositories.

To facilitate its use and implementation, the Guidelines were translated into Portuguese. On the DRIVER project website are available the following documents:

- DRIVER Guidelines

- Attachments

- FAQs

- Advice for Implementation of the DRIVER Guidelines

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