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Integrating Copyright Service - Copyright - how to Archive items | RCAAP - Repositórios Científicos de Acesso Aberto de Portugal

Integrating Copyright Services

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The copyright support service can be provided by the institutions in their repositories and institutional sites in several different types:

1 - Direct link to the service: http://projecto.rcaap.pt/copyright/

This solution allows you to reference the entire service: the information on copyright to the research as well as other features that can be added.

2 – Direct link to the search system: http://projecto.rcaap.pt/copyright/search.html

This solution provides a link to the search box. However, this solution does not provide context information about its use.

<a href="/copyright/search.html" target="_blank"> Pesquisar Copyright</a>

Alternatively, you can use the same link, but now with HTML code, if you want to include it in the institutional repository or on a community page.

Example: Copyright Search

3 - Embed the search on the website

Please, insert the following code in an HTML editor of your institution’s website to embed the search on a website or repository:

http://projecto.rcaap.pt/copyright/search.html</a>"  width="601px" height="280px"> Your browser does not support iframes » http://projecto.rcaap.pt/copyright/search.html